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The Doughnut Project

  • by vbar
  • Oct 10, 2016
  • 12 Votes

Nestled on a cozy street in the West Village of NYC is a recently opened artisanal doughnut shop called The Doughnut Project. In this shop, co-owners, Troy Neal and Leslie Polizzotto strive to create not only a combination of interesting flavors for their customers' taste palettes, but also an environment that makes them feel welcomed. . As Troy says, "it's the donuts, it's the artwork on the wall, it's our brand, it's our image. It's the experience our guests get to have when they walk in the door. It's an art project. It's a doughnut project." Because of their location and also being a small business in a large urban city, technology is an invaluable tool for them. Since they don't have an advertising budget, It is the only way to get the word out. Technology has proven to be their best friend. In this film, you will learn how The Doughnut Project works with it to move its business forward..